“The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.”

— Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox


MyNumbers is a free service that you connect to your accounting software. You get access to your company's finances in an easy-to-understand overview on your mobile and on the web. You keep track of your current situation and can focus on what makes your business grow. Money in and money out, it does not have to be more difficult than that.

With a small team we prototyped and developed a vision of how the future of accounting would be like. With a new starting point based on realtime economics. Starting out with internal workshops and gathering all the available in-house data and knowledge. Then continuing with customer interviews and user testing. From this we iterated a lot of ideas and developed a first prototype.

As accounting will be more automatic the need of a service like this will increase. The app is live at App Store and Google Play.